Changes Big and Small

Hi. It’s Lily, the founder of Typetrigger. It’s been way too long. A lot has changed for me and for Ernie, my original TT partner, over the past eight years. Great stuff and terrible stuff, living stuff. We have had these things to tend to and neglected this project. This year we had to decide whether it was time to pull the plug on Typetrigger. We almost did.  Some stuff started crashing (I couldn’t access any of the direct messages anyone sent me) and it was time to get some technical fixes or just shut it down.  But I still occasionally get messages from users who ask what happened, who want to see this back up and running.

I looked at everything our community had put into Typetrigger over the years. It seemed like it might be worth a fix. People still write! And after a lot of excitement about endless features on social sites, a lot of us have come to appreciate a more limited set of tools that work well. So I decided to a bit more time and elbow grease into this. We are working now to fix some things that were broken. We might do more significant changes if we can get some community back to writing here. I would love to hear from you.

2 thoughts on “Changes Big and Small”

  1. I’m so glad you changed your mind about closing this site! I had been checking up and was often saddened to see that there were no triggers for days on end, and then even more so when the website seemed completely barren.. I’m looking forward to the changes, whatever they may be! This site is one I have used now for several years and will always return to. There’s nothing else like this site that really lets me share just a few words and feel inspired to write again.
    Looking forward to the new and improved TT!


    1. Thank you so much for letting us know that you are still excited by TT! I will be gathering more information from our community members in coming months about their experiences to guide our next steps.


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