Fix One: Longer Triggers


The fixes are coming in and this one is the most exciting to me. This actually can’t be properly called a fix, since there was never anything broken. When we launched Typetrigger, for reasons I cannot remember (nor comprehend) we had a 17-character limit for triggers. I know, this makes zero sense, especially since we invite everyone to submit triggers of up to four words. The interesting options for four words in 17 characters or less (including spaces!) are quite limited—or my thinking is somewhat limited in creative approaches to that problem.

As of today, we have a lot more room to work with. Things may still look a little funky for a while as I think about cleaning up the interface a bit, so forgive me if the spacing strikes you as less than elegant. I think you will still enjoy the possibilities presented by a greater variety of creative writing prompts.

Other things that got fixed this week, which may not have been known issues to anyone: our sign up had quietly crashed, but now is fixed. If you are signing up and don’t see your account validation email, check your spam filter. We are still having problems with lots of notifications from us going to spam. We also had some crashes in some of the direct message accounts, including mine (Lily’s). If you wrote to me in the past couple of years and I didn’t reply, chances are something went wrong and I never got it.

More little things to come. But for now, Write Now!

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