About Typetrigger

Typetrigger is for people who like to read and write. It can spur lazy writers and be a new channel for prolific ones. It can inspire non-writers to give this old medium a shot. We want to help people to get something out, and we are also excited to see how they say it.

When we started Typetrigger we didn’t know what to expect. We hoped it would be a useful tool, but we didn’t anticipate it’s possibilities for creating community. While we have had our ups and downs, we have seen what amazing things happen when a regular group of writers and readers come together to appreciate one another’s work.

Typetrigger began as one woman’s answer to writer’s block. After taking a break from freelance writing, Lily Pierson found that she wasn’t writing as much as she wanted. She needed assignments and deadlines, and what started as a concept for a simple site that would spit out suggestions evolved into what it is now. When she isn’t contemplating words, she wrangles her two little girls and cooks.

Without Ernie Collins, Typetrigger never woulda happened. Ernie’s tech background perfectly complemented Lily’s writing experience, and together they have morphed Typetrigger from an idea into a functioning tool. When he isn’t figuring out how stuff works, he’s either helping out his new family or playing pool.