Hello! It’s been awhile! Typetrigger was started in 2010. A lot has changed in the past eight years, both in the lives of the founders and in the world of online communities and apps. We have neglected this project for a long while as our lives went on some crazy loops. This year we had to decide whether to pull the plug or fix things up. We decided to try fixing. We would love to hear from you about how you use Typetrigger, whether you have any questions or have found any glitches—or just to say hello.


Support Typetrigger

Typetrigger is not a tech startup with ample funding. We haven’t taken paid advertising and we haven’t charged our original community members for using this tool. We are a couple of families and we are trying to make this sustainable, but we can’t make this go all on our own. We really appreciate your support, however large or small.