How do I use Typetrigger?

Typetrigger is a lot like social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. From your Home page (the page you see when you log on) or your Profile page, you will have access to the Write Now area if you haven’t yet responded to the current trigger. After “Write Now:” you will see a trigger, or short phrase, which will be your starting point for writing. Say, for example the trigger is White Shoes. In the space below, you can write anything you like (about or inspired by White Shoes) in 300 words or less.
Then you can tag your entry with up to three genre tags. So maybe you wrote a little memory about your grandmother’s fashion habits, and you tag your piece with the following: nonfiction, memoir, family. Your friend Macaroni, however, has been inspired to write a mystery piece about clowns, and tags his work: fiction, mystery, clowns.
Hit publish!

Your response will join the stream of entries, and you can read what other people, friends and strangers alike, have written. If you read something that really makes you pleased, hit the Like button.
How do I use genre tags?

Genre tags are here to help you find good stuff to read, and to help others find what you have written. Typetrigger can be many things to many people, so if you are strictly into poetry, you can tag your poems as such, and you can search for other poets by searching “poetry” in tags. Of course, the standard genres might be a little narrow, so users can create their own niches, groups, and maybe even contests with their own tag sets.
If you search for triggers or tags on Typetrigger, the top results will always be those entries with the greatest number of “likes.” This is our way of tipping our hat to active and exciting writers. By creating unique tags and tag sets, you can create niches of competition.
How to I find people to Read?

There are a few ways to find new people to read. One of the best is to look at the Top Five Favorites and the Reading lists of those whose work you like. After all, if your pal Macaroni is an amazing clown mystery writer, and that is just up your alley, he might be reading some of the best in that genre. Browsing through Readers and Reading lists of other users, you will see an “+READ” button by those users who are not yet on your Reading list.
You can also see what is going on in the community at large by clicking on one of the Recent Triggers. Clicking on those triggers will bring you to a list of recent responses, with the most popular at the top. Browse around and find new writers that way.
Finally, you can search users and tags, which can help you find writers you might be interested in.
What is Readers? What is Reading?

Readers are those who are reading any given user. Reading is the list of users that any given user reads. Confusing? Say you are looking at the profile page of your friend Macaroni. He is a big fan of Big Red, HippoMouse and Jack. All three could be found on his Reading list. HippoMouse likes Macaroni’s work as well, so HippoMouse can also be found on Macaroni’s Readers list, along with you.
Looking at your own profile, those on your Reading list are those whose work will appear on your Home stream. Those users on your Readers list are the people who are following your writing (and your entries will appear on their Home streams).
Do I have to be Reading someone to “Like” their work?Nope. If you happen to be browsing and you read HippoMouse’s poem on White Shoes and can’t stop laughing, you can go ahead and hit Like. It might turn out that the rest of his stuff just ain’t your style, so you don’t have to put him on your Reading list. But there is nothing wrong with giving people props when you like their stuff.

I wrote something awful. Can I remove it?

Yes! From your profile page you can see all of your writing. In the upper right hand corner of each piece you will see a delete button. Purge as you like, but please note that once is is gone we can’t help you get it back. Consider copying your writing to another document if you think you might want to revisit your work in private!

I tyoped. I mean I made a typo. Can I fix it?

Not at this time. We are currently exercising good will and understanding about human errors because we are writers who sometimes pull the trigger a little too fast. Really, we want people to come to peace with their writing, but we may implement a short editing window in the future.
When do the triggers change?

We are in Seattle, and the triggers change at the 10s and 4s in our time zone. (4 a.m./p.m., 10 a.m./p.m.). We might add a little clock on live triggers one of these days.
What are the Top Fives?

We wanted to help people figure out who was who a little better, so each week we update the Favorite Five Writers and the Top Five Fans. These are based strictly on the number of likes that each user has given and received during their time on Typetrigger. It is fun to see how everyone’s popularity shifts around as new people write and like the work of others

Who owns my writing?

You do. Typetrigger is committed to helping writers in any way we can. We plan on working as a brokering service as we grow. If someone is interested in purchasing rights to your work, they can contact us and we will send you an offer, which you are welcome to decline. That said, if you have a public profile, we may occasionally highlight your work on our blog, and we will let you know if we do. We love telling the story about what happens here, and the writing done by members tells the strongest story. Your work could also be highlighted by other bloggers, artists, writers and readers. Please remember that this is the Internet, and Typetrigger is like a blog. We cannot protect your writing from nefarious third parties, but we will respect it in our community. Please note: if you have a Private account, your writing is fully hidden to all eyes.
Tell me about your Privacy Policy.

We currently have three levels of privacy. You can change them at any time. Please note that if you do change, every piece of writing you have done to date will be affected by that change. We hope to implement piece-by-piece privacy in the future.

Public: Be an ambassador for Typetrigger! Find a larger audience! We hope that most of you will select this option, which will allow more readers to see what you have written and help new visitors understand what we are doing on Typetrigger. Remember: if you want to be a little anonymous, you can always write under a pen name. You can request a name change by dropping us line at info@typetrigger.com.Registered Members Only: THIS IS THE DEFAULT RIGHT NOW. Non-members who visit the site will not be able to see your writing, but everyone who is a member will be able to.
Private: This is for those who want Typetrigger as a tool but don’t want anyone to see their work. All your writing will be hidden, though you will still be able to read and like the work of other writers.
I want to change my name. Can I?

Yes. Please email us at uh_oh@typetrigger.com and put “name change” in the title of your email.
I have a great idea for a trigger.

Share it with us! At the top of each page, you will see the Trigger Submission bar. Suggest as many as you like. All triggers must be 4 words or less, and we will go through all suggestions and schedule those that we think will resonate with the Typetrigger community at large. We may edit trigger suggestions. Sorry, we cannot notify you if your trigger is accepted.

I am having a technical issue with Typetrigger. Can you help me?

Please let us know if you encounter any issues getting onto or using Typetrigger. Email us at uh_oh@typetrigger.com. Let us know your operating system and browser so we can work on it. Thanks!

I’m done. How do I terminate my account?

Please send an email to uh_oh@typetrigger.com and we will assist you in removing your Typetrigger account.

I want to report something. How do I do it?

Sometimes there are bad eggs in this world, and unfortunately, we realize we will encounter them here on this lovely site. For the most part, we are in favor of the First Amendment and support the right of people to say what they wish, but sometimes lines are crossed. We are particularly concerned about copyright infringement and threatening behavior. If you see something on Typetrigger that concerns you, please email us at the following address and let us know the following: Username/Trigger Reason for complaint If this is a copyright issue, please let us know where the work originally appeared. Your real name and email address. We will not be able to respond to every report, and we will not act on every report, but we do want users to feel safe here, and we will ban users who violate our terms of service. Please see our Terms for more details.